What We Believe

The early pioneers of Milagro started with a vision of coming together to build and live in an earth friendly community. It was important to build our homes ecologically with as small a footprint as possible. Equally important was and is our desire to live together in community with compassion and respect.

Mission and Vision

Our vision and mission are the foundation for making our decisions and living in a viable compassionate community. We are ever mindful of our commitment to care for the Earth and each other. Always striving for consensus, we balance the needs of the individual with those of the community as a whole.

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Just as the vision and mission provide foundation, our values provide structure.

By delineating our values with concrete demonstrable behaviors, we provide a way to make decisions consistent with our vision and mission.

Keeping in mind these values and behaviors, we are more inclined to live out daily our desire to create a vibrant, and caring community.

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