Energy Conservation

Solar collectors on every roof provide very hot water for most of the year, with an electrical waterheater backup for cold or cloudy weather. And in the Sonoran desert, who really needs a clothes dryer? Many of us save energy and even time by using a traditional clothesline.  Combining design features with sensible use of power, residents can spend less than $50 per month on power bills.

The Milagro community shares a large solar oven created specifically by Al Nichols as a memorial for Wayne Moody, our very special and much missed Project Manager. Able to track with the sun, several households can cook in the solar oven at the same time. We have cooked home-grown squash, beans, lasagna, soups, stews, casseroles and cookies in our community solar oven. It can even bake a 20-pound turkey. In addition to the community oven, some of us have our own smaller solar ovens.


Solar Electric Power

All roofs were designed with an optimum pitch for photovoltaic panels and with the breaker panels located in an attic to minimize the distance from roof mounted panels.  Approximately half our households have now mounted panels on their roofs. More savings are expected in the future as electrical rates rise.


Electric Vehicles

Milagro is the home to several plug-in electrics and electric car afficianados.

We offer a charging station for residents.