Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission describe our commitment to live gently with each other and the Earth. They provide the foundation, purpose and direction of Milagro.

Our Vision

We strive to be a community where we care for and respect one another and the environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is described by the following 5 characteristics-

Live Lightly On The Earth

Because our Earth provides the essentials for all life, and because the abundance of those essentials is limited, it is imperative for all humans to live in a manner which preserves and protects the Earth and the natural environment.

Milagro exemplifies sustainable living with its energy efficient adobe brick walls, water conservation features, wetlands, permaculture, and solar water heaters.

Build Community

Human beings are biologically social animals.

To survive physically and emotionally, supporting and caring for each other and our physical community is crucial as well as rewarding.

All Milagro residents participate in some capacity to manage the structural and social aspects of living in community and with each other.

Work, Learn and Play Together

A sense of connection and caring develops among people who work together for a common goal. Having fun and learning together, supports a sense of belonging and well being. Milagro provides opportunities to work together keeping up the grounds and serving on committees. The Common House provides a setting for shared weekly meals, parties, presentations, and movie nights. Working and playing together creates the bonds for true community.

Develop Skills in Community and Ecological Living

Having the skills to participate constructively in community life is essential for the well functioning of any group. Ecological living involves specific behaviors which must be learned and practiced. Workshops, presentations, educational videos are offered in Milagro regularly. Good communication skills are described in writing and presentations are given so that all residents develop skills to listen with compassion and to express themselves clearly.

Demonstrate Community and Ecological Living

In order for all of humanity to live sustainably on the Earth, examples must be available of how to do that. Milagro provides tours and a classroom for those interested in learning how to build and live lightly on the Earth, and live compassionately with each other.