Work Activities

In cohousing communities generally, as in our own community, members are expected to participate in the maintenance, physical and social, of their community.

Working together can be difficult, rewarding, and fun; it also gives us a sense of pride and ownership in the place we have created together.

Community Work Days

On the third Sunday of each month, community members gather to make a difference and to work on seasonal and regular maintenance tasks such as weeding, raking the parking-lot, sweeping, etc.  Other members make a brunch for the "workers".

Community Meetings

Community meetings take place on the first Sunday of each month.  At these meetings, committee representatives update the community on their activities, questions are posed and answered, and proposals are considered and consensed on.  

Committee and Taskforce Participation

Every member is expected to join and actively participate in at least one committee.  The following is a brief description of each of our committees: 

Structure and Maintenance organizes and oversees the safety and physical maintenance of our community

Landscape organizes and oversees the design and maintenance of the plants in our common areas and community garden

Finance and Business develops our annual budget, manages our finances, and reviews our documents, such as CC&R's

Community Relations organizes social events, works to resolve conflicts in the community, and develops agreements on how we interact with one another in business and social settings

Eco Ed focuses on the green aspects of the community and on educating members and others about good conservation practices

Architectural Review develops guidelines and reviews required applications by homeowners for any desired changes to exterior architecture.

Common House takes care of the maintenance and function of the Common House, pool, and laundry area. 

Members volunteer to participate on task forces set up by committees or sometimes individuals that focus on a particular project or problem.

Volunteer Positions

Individual members volunteer to manage on going, specific, essential community jobs that are necessary for the Milagro community to function safely and smoothly.  

Examples of these tasks are: 

  • Goret Road clean-up
  • mosquito control
  • sweeping the Common House
  • watering plants
  • taking minutes
  • facilitating community meetings
  • organizing work brunches
  • maintaining the electric car, etc.  


As a cohousing community, we share many resources that need to be maintained. We meet together often and require volunteer work from members to keep our community smoothly functioning and a pleasant place to live.