Process & Decision Making

Milagro makes its decisions by consensus.  Consensus is a group decision-making process that seeks the consent of all participants.  Consensus is not the same as voting. Consensus builds connection by replacing competition (voting) with cooperation (consensus).   With consensus, only proposals intended to accomplish a common purpose are considered.  With consensus, we look for solutions that are supported by all participants and are consistent with Milagro’s vision, mission, and values.

High quality decisions are based on the collective wisdom of the community.  Consensus starts during the development phase of a proposal where input and feedback are sought.  It continues at a community meeting when a formal proposal is made and consensus is reached (or withheld).  And, it “ends” with the community owning the decision and supporting its implementation and maintenance. 


When a proposal is introduced at a community meeting, it becomes the property of the community and everyone is responsible for working to improve it and making it the best decision for the group.  The facts of a proposal, the community values it represents, its positive potential, and concerns are all discussed.  Concerns are resolved one-by-one while always keeping in mind the best interests of the community.  When Milagro reaches consensus, it does so because the community supports the decision.

Resolving Conflicts

Our Community Relations Committee (CRC)  assists in coordinating solutions to unresolved conflicts

When there is an issue or conflict that concerns Milagro residents here are some guidelines we use when one's own resources don't seem to suffice:
When a community members wants to:
  • resolve a problem you think has been going on for awhile
  • work out an issue that's bothering you
  • find out a good way to express a concern or opinion about what's happening at Milagro.
The CRC is prepared to work with Milagro residents to develop a plan or strategy to meet individual needs.  

One size does not fit all.

There are a number of processes available to Milagro residents to work things out. 

The CRC can help you find the way that seems best for each community member.
  • meeting one on one with a community member
  • meeting with a facilitator to mediate issues between residents
  • using an independent facilitator from outside the community to mediate issues.
  • designating neutral parties to talk separately with people having difficulty communicating directly
  • bringing the issue to a committee with or without an ally of your choice
  • bringing the issue to the community meeting in a manner that works for you.
These processes do not have to occur in any order. The CRC is prepared to tailor an approach to meet individual needs. CRC members may actively participate in a community member's plan, or simply help coordinate the resources they need.