Community Living

Milagro is a cohousing community.  That means we share four characteristics which all cohousing communities have in common. 

First is the characteristic that a plan for a cohousing community is made by the future residents, not by a residential developer who decides what to build.  Future residents set the priorities, the price range and determine the amenities for their future neighborhood.  For Milagro, this meant a 10-year process from writing our Mission Statement, finding the land, hiring the architect and general contractor to dealing with the challenges during construction and moving in.

Secondly, cohousing is a design that lets us enjoy social times or private space, depending on our need at the moment.  In Milagro this means a front porch for every residence, facing on the community path, as well as a private patio behind each home.  Our common house, the lawn, and the gathering spaces along the central path give shared spaces to enjoy together.

Thirdly, cohousing provides numerous amenities that would be expensive to maintain for one family, but which are feasible when sharing the expense.  At Milagro we enjoy our common house with community kitchen, library with a fireplace, a play room, a laundry room and drying yard and a swimming pool with shaded deck.  Two jungle gyms and a hoop court complete the center of the community.  A large workshop awaits the handy cohouser's projects.

Finally, cohousing communities are self-managed by all owners rather than by a property management company or a small board of directors.  At Milagro, this means that every household has input into operational decisions and participates in committees and the monthly community meeting.

About 60 of us live here at Milagro, from toddlers to octogenarians.

We have singles and couples, families and empty-nesters; and we come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations.

We all share a desire to live near neighbors whom we know, to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children, and to live in a community focused on ecological principles.