What do Milagro Homeowners Dues Pay For?

Milagro is self-managed by the homeowners who meet and decide on our annual budgets.  We also decide how much of our dues to put aside in special reserve fund account based on our 20-year plan for the long-term costs of major maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacements that may occur every several years or longer.  Nearly 35 percent of the dues we collect each year goes to the reserve fund account. After each year’s budget is adopted, the amount we pay as individual homeowners varies somewhat based on the size of our homes.

Operating Budget

The operating budget pays for recurring operating expenses such as:

  • Utility expenses for the Common House, the community salt water pool, the shared laundry room, the lighted pathways, and other common areas.   (Utilities include electricity, water, gas, garbage and recycling collection.)

  • Accounting and legal services, liability insurance, office equipment and supplies.

  • Landscape maintenance, common house and pool maintenance and cleaning, wetlands system maintenance, community events, retreats, refreshments, speakers, website maintenance, annual backflow valve and sprinkler system inspections, general maintenance and repairs, etc.

  • A part-time handyman

Reserve Fund

The Reserve Fund pays for maintenance, repair, and replacement of major items such as:

  • The original, unaltered, exterior walls and roofs of the common buildings and all privately owned homes.

  • Common house and pool, including kitchen appliances and pool equipment repair and replacement.

  • Our entrance road and the parking area, including covered parking and parking storage spaces

  • Our wetlands system (We process all of the wastewater from our homes through a wetlands system and reuse the grey water for underground irrigation of our interior common area.)

  • Our electric utility car