New Milagro Website Launched!

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design after over two years in development! Some of the best things take time.  

You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here and the website has been completely re-written from the ground up.

About two years ago the website taskforce was formed to look at ways to overhaul the nearly eight year old website.  It goes without saying that website design and web technologies has evolved since the early oughts.  Admittedly, I was excited to help but a little apprehensive because I knew what a large undertaking it would be.  To completely re-design, re-write, and re-structure a website in a community where many folks have a strong emotional connection to the mission and purpose meant that we would have to move carefully. I believe the process has helped us grow as not only as a community, but also helped us become better organzied as a whole.

A few of our goals with the new website were to speak more effectively to our core values, express the benefits of co-housing and eco-living via rich media, make it easier to navigate for users, and easier for us to manage/update. Most of all, we wanted our website to express who we were more effectively. Explore the site I think you’ll get a good idea of who we are. I rebuilt the website using Drupal and Google website tools, and utilized the wonderful and amazing photography of other Milagritos, David Bygott and Cathy Mullen.

We utilized the writing and editing talents of many other folks, including (but not limited to) Donna, Ellie, Cathy, Jeanette, Libby, Ken, Patricia, and all the folks that participated in our Hack-a-thon activity.

We are now poised to put more time into content instead of wrestlling with decade old technologies (updated videos are underway). 

As always, if you have any questions or need help you can contact us at

Bryan Falcón and the Milagro Website Taskforce folks.